Gluten Free dishes for your Christmas menu

The most festive season of the year has arrived and also the most gastronomic, because we have a lot of meetings with family and friends around a dinner table. Countless meals await us: Christmas, New Year, Epiphany…

In Esgir we maintain that celiac disease can’t be a hindrance to enjoy food. For that reason, we want share with you our ideas for gluten free dishes to celebrate this wonderful time.

Gluten free Appetisers

Always a festive table starts with a wide range of appetisers. We can choose traditional appetisers as croquettes, that never fail to delight. Typical croquettes filled with chicken or cod, or maybe we can change and try new fillings as mushrooms or crispy onion. Skewers are a good option too, we can mix salty and sweet flavours. There are a lot of combinations, for example, as prawns with pineapple, or salmon with cheese and avocado, both skewers will be delicious.

Gluten free starters

Soups and creams are perfect to warm up on winter. A vichyssoise or an onion soup are excellent to whet your appetite. But if you prefer a cold dish, a olivier salad is the best option. No matter what you choose, but you must add your favourite croutons.

Gluten free main courses

Usually families choose between meat or fish, but if you want to change this time, you can make another dish. For example a potato gratin will delight all the family. Other idea is a great salad as the famous Caesar salad, with fried crunchy chicken thanks to Crunchy Crumbs and your favourite croutons, this dish will be a good choice.

Gluten free desserts

Cereal Choc or Chocozeros, both of them are gluten free.

We hope you enjoy these suggestions for a gluten free menu for these special holidays.