Nuggets rellenos

Nuestro crunchy crumbs es una opción ideal para aquellos que buscan una alternativa saludable y crujiente a los tradicionales pan rallado o harina para rebozar. Están elaborados con ingredientes de alta calidad, son sin gluten y aptos para veganos, lo que los hace ideales para cualquier persona que siga una dieta libre de alergenos o de origen animal.

Hoy os traemos una receta salada y deliciosa de la mano de @foodiction.vlc: nuggets rellenos hechos con nuestro pan rallado sin gluten.



  • 1 pechuga de pollo grande
  • Queso crema o mozzarela
  • Aguacate
  • Sal
  • Pimienta
  • Ajo
  • Aceite
  • Nuestro pan rallado sin gluten


  1. Tritura la pechuga junto con las especias y un poquito de aceite.
  2.  Coge parte de la pechuga triturada y pon en el medio un poco de queso crema y aguacate.
  3. Ciérralo bien y pásalo por  nuestro crunchy crumbs hasta que quede sellado.
  4. Posteriormente, cicinar en  el  horno durante 15 18 minutos a 190° o en la sartén.

¡Servimos como más nos gusten y a disfrutar!🥳.

Gluten free coating for croquettes

In Esgir, we think that always is possible to enjoy food, even if you have coeliac disease. As many of you know, there are some dishes made with foods to avoid, but we can always find solutions. So, we created Crunchy Crumbs, a special gluten free coating. You can prepare with it, delicious recipes, for example the loved croquettes.

Croquettes are very famous around the world, even this delicious dish has it’s own International Day. But as we know, these little bites are usually made with bread crumbs. We don’t want to miss these delights so we can prepare them with the great gluten free coating Crunchy Crumbs.

Crunchy Crumbs gives an extra crunchy texture, because it absorbs less oil than others batters as common breadcrumbs. We are sure that there isn’t better gluten free coating than Crunchy crumbs.

So we want share with you a traditional and tasty recipe of Spanish cod croquettes made with gluten free coating Crunchy Crumbs. We hope you enjoy them.

Spanish Cod croquettes with gluten free coating

Ingredients for 30 croquettes

  • 200 gr of crumbled and desalted cod
  • 1 Gluten free coating Crunchy Crumbs package
  • 1 onion
  • 1 beaten egg

For the béchamel sauce

  • 750 ml of milk
  • 100 gr of corn starch
  • 20 gr of butter
  • Powdered nutmeg
  • Salt and pepper

How to make it:

First, we have to cut the onion. Then, we have to pre-heat the sauce pan and add the butter. We will add the onion with the crumbled and desalted cod to sauté them over low heat around three minutes. Set aside

Now we have to prepare the béchamel sauce. So first, we have to melt butter over low heat, then we add corn starch and combine. Gradually we add milk while we whisk continuously until smooth. Add powdered nutmeg, salt and pepper. When we finish the béchamel sauce, we have to add the cod and the onion to mix all the ingredients. Then we need to refrigerate the dough for 30 minutes.

Now we can shape it into 30 croquettes. Then dip each croquette in beaten egg and cover them in the gluten free coating Crunchy Crumbs. We have to fry the croquettes into oil for 3 minutes until golden. Remove each croquette and drain on paper towel. And now we can enjoy these delight bites!

Gluten free Quinoa, the perfect food

Gluten free Quinoa has finally come to stay, so give it space in your kitchen pantry. If you have never heard of quinoa, keep reading…

Maybe Quinoa sounds like a new food, but actually, Quinoa has been consumed since the most remote times. This is a seed originated in the Andes, but is consumed and cooked like a cereal, so it is always treated as a cereal.

The FAO, (Food and Agriculture Organization) has recognized Quinoa as a super food, due to its high nutritional value. Quinoa has more proteins than any other vegetable, it is high in fiber, vitamins and minerals, as iron, magnesium and calcium. And in addition, Quinoa is gluten free.

For all these reasons, it is very positive to include Quinoa in our eating habits and it is adequate in any type of diet. Obviously, Quinoa is perfect in a gluten free diet, because its absence of gluten.

Moreover, Gluten Free Quinoa is recommended for diabetics and people with high cholesterol, because it has been shown that Gluten Free Quinoa helps reduce cholesterol and blood sugar levels.

Also, Quinoa is a good food for vegetarian and vegan diets because it has a very high-protein content. Its low level in saturated fats and its filling power makes Quinoa a great food for weight loss diets.

Now you can enjoy Bio Puffed Quinoa «Quinoa Pops»

In Esgir we can’t ignore the great qualities of Gluten Free Quinoa, so we decided to include it in our big family. So now you can enjoy Bio Puffed Quinoa.

Gluten free Quinoa can be consumed in many ways and we have chosen Bio Puffed Quinoa, also known as Quinoapops.

Bio Puffed Quinoa has a soft flavour, like sesame seeds. You can taste it like breakfast cereals with milk or yogurt. Bio Puffed Quinoa has a crunchy texture, so it is perfect as topping, so we can add in our desserts, milkshakes or juices.

If you want to know more about Gluten free Quinoa Pops, don’t worry, because soon we will share some recipes with Quinoa Pops in our blog.

Crunchy Crumbs Gluten free coating mix with garlic

Vegetables, meat or fish are always delicious if they are covered with a good coating. And if you add a touch of garlic, your deep fried foods will be irresistible. If you have not yet prepared a garlic coating or you don’t know how to get perfect deep fried foods, you need to taste Crunchy Crumbs Coating mix with garlic and parsley. A good coating with garlic has to be light, golden and crunchy with a garlic touch that makes each bite a delight.

It’s so easy to prepare a delicious dish with the coating Crunchy Crumbs Garlic and Parsley. We just have to cover the ingredients with beaten egg before covering them with Crunchy Crumbs Garlic and parsley. Then we have to fry them in hot oil until the coating with garlic turns golden brown. As easy as that.

So if you want to see for yourself, you can try this fantastic recipe:

Little cauliflower trees coated with garlic

Now is the season of cauliflower, so we have decided to try this tasty recipe. These cauliflower trees coated with garlic are very original and healthy. Also, this recipe is a good idea for children who reject vegetables. Children are attracted to coloured and funny dishes, so these little cauliflowers trees with a crisp coating will be perfect.

Ingredients (4 servings):

  • 1 big cauliflower
  • 1 Crunchy Crumbs Gluten Free Coating Mix with Garlic packet
  • 1 egg
  • Vinegar
  • Salt
  • Vegetable oil

How to make it:

First we have to boil water in a large and deep pot. Meanwhile, we wash the cauliflower and cut the green leaves. When the water is boiling, we add salt and place one tablespoon of vinegar to cook the cauliflower for about 10 to 15 minutes, to know if the cauliflower is perfect, pierce the centre with a knife. Remember that the cauliflower can’t be so soft, because we will use a coating.

When it is cooked, we have to drain to remove excess of water. Then we cut the cauliflower into florets (little trees). Now we beat the egg and dredge each little tree. Then we have to coat them with Crunchy Crumbs Garlic and Parsley. Heat oil in a large saucepan and fry each floret. When the little trees coated with garlic are golden brown we have to remove them and drain on paper towels. We can serve them with our favourite sauce.

Gluten-free foods

Once we have been diagnosed with coeliac disease, we have many doubts about our feeding habits. Although we read a gluten free foods list, we don’t really know how to continue with our feeding, because lifelong habits are too difficult to change.

To have a guide in this new way, Esgir wants to propose you a range of recipes with gluten free food for each meal of the day. In this way you can elaborate your own menus as you like.

Gluten free breakfasts

It’s important to have a good breakfast to start the day with energy. Usually we have many doubts with this meal because many «morning foods» are made with wheat flour. But there’s no need to worry, we have many options with gluten free foods. Here you have some ideas for breakfast:

  • Option 1: Orange juice + Bowl of Chocobolas with milk
  • Option 2: Oats porridge with strawberries + tea

Gluten free mid-morning snacks

We can have a mid-morning snack anywhere. There’s people who prefers a great snack because they have a light breakfast and people who prefers have a great breakfast ant later take a light snack. Usually there’s a lot of doubts about mid-morning snacks because it’s usual to eat a sandwich or biscuits… So we give you two different options:

  • Option 1: In a tupperware bowl, we mix greek yogurt, Puffed Quinoa pops, and forest berries. A healthy and delicious snack with gluten free foods.
  • Option 2: Protein Snack and a juice. A tempting and easy mid-morning snack.

Gluten free lunches

Here we have a large variety of options with gluten free foods. The next ideas are perfect for home and work.

Gluten free afternoon snacks

As the mid-morning snacks, we can choose different options of afternoon gluten free snacks.

Gluten free dinners

Also we can make delicious dinners with gluten free foods. Remember that it’s recommendable to have a light dinner to sleep better.

How to make perfect and tasty deep fried foods

If you want to know how to make perfect and tasty deep fried foods, keep reading…

There are two ways to get tastier deep fried foods, we can do it inside or outside. If we want a tasty inside, we can marinate it, as we would do with baking recipes; but this is only possible for foods as meat and fish. So, to make any deep fried food, we can add flavour outside, at the batter.

To get a delicious dish of deep fried foods, we need an extra crispy batter of good quality as Crunchy Crumbs. Only in this way, our batter will be golden and crunchy and moreover, it will not absorb too much oil.

Spices for each deep fried food

Each food combine better with certain spices, so now we want recommend you which ones are best for each deep fried food.

Fish and seafood: Parsley and dill are the best spices to combine. Onion and garlic powder also will give a delicious taste to your deep fried foods.

Red meat: Basil, rosemary and obviously garlic and onion powder add delicious flavours to this kind of meat.

White meat: Spices as thyme, paprika, curry, cumin and dill go with chicken and turkey.

Potatoes: Deep fried potatoes go with many spices, we just choose our favourite seasoning. Onion or garlic powder, basil, oregano, herbes de provence, curry, rosemary, paprika…

Vegetables: Basil, garlic and parsley are great with vegetables as aubergine, mushrooms, onions…

If we want add a spicy touch, we just have to add pepper or spicy paprika in the batter.

Cheeses: A delicious as deep fried cheese need a good seasoning made with herbs. Oregano, parsley or herbes de provence are perfect for them.

Desserts: Deep fried desserts as fried milk, fried ice-cream or some fruits as deep fried apple or banana will be great if we add cinnamon in the batter. A sweet and soft craving.

If you are looking for a perfect batter, we recommend you Crunchy Crumbs. A gluten free batter which absorb less oil. Its super crunchy texture will surprise you. Also, you will find Crunchy Crumbs Garlic and Parsley, the perfect spicy batter four your deep fried foods.

New gluten and Sugar free Corn Flakes!

Now it’s possible to enjoy Gluten and Sugarfree Corn Flakes. However incredible it seems, corn is a natural gluten free but most of Corn Flakes brands add gluten. If we read the food label, we can see ingredients as malt, a banned cereal if you have gluten intolerance. Moreover most of them have large amounts of added sugar.

So if you are diabetic or coeliac, or you just want to avoid added sugars, you are in luck. Now we can enjoy the classic breakfast with Esgir Sugar free Corn flakes.

Usually we eat Corn Flakes with milk as a typical breakfast, but new ingredients add a creative touch in our breakfast bowls. Strawberries, berries or banana blends very well with Sugar free Corn Flakes. Also we can add different type of nuts or sugar free chocolate chips. Surely it will be your favourite breakfast.

But Sugar free Corn Flakes are not only for breakfast, also we can add them in different recipes, from desserts to principal dishes. So we want recommend you a surprisingly delicious recipe.

Crispy potato wedges with Sugar free Corn Flakes

If you want surprise your guests, this recipe have to be yours. This potato wedges are healthier because they don’t have any oil and they are baked. Moreover this potato wedges have an extra crispy touch thanks to sugar free corn flakes.

Ingredients (4 servings)

  • 4 potatoes
  • 1 Sugar free Corn Flakes packet
  • 1 egg white
  • Powdered cheese
  • Spices (oregano, thyme, garlic powder, onion powder…)
  • Olive oil
  • Salt

How to make it:

First, wash and peel the potatoes. Meanwhile preheat the oven. Then cut the potatoes in wedges and coat them with the egg white. Crush the Sugar free corn flakes and coat the potatoes whit them. Sprinkle all the wedges with the spice mix and the powdered cheese. Put them in an oven tray and add a dash of olive oil. Bake at 428F for 30 minutes.

Salted or sweet? Choose your perfect gluten free topping

Even the most elaborated dish is more tempting if it is topped with a great toppings. It is not a coincidence the meaning of «the cherry on the cake». So if you want how to give a special touch to your dishes, keep reading…

When we are coeliacs, we have our fix recipes that never fail, but also we want to know new dishes and above all, discover new alternatives to ingredients with gluten. For this reason, gluten free toppings are perfect. We can add them in our usual dishes or in new recipes, even they are the perfect ingredient what is missing in a dish.

Salted gluten free toppings

The perfect topping for soups, gazpacho and creams are croutons. Esgir gluten free Croutons are toasted, that means they are crunchy and more healthy than any other type of croutons. Also you can choose your favourite flavour to match with your dish. You will find several flavours: Natural Croutons, Garlic and Parsley Croutons, Onion and Pepper Croutons and Cocktail Croutons. All of them are delicious, and you can also add them in salads.

Another gluten free topping that you will surprise is Esgir Crunchy Crispy Onion. Have you tasted it? Crunchy Crispy Onion has a characteristic flavour and it is very different of usual onion. It is perfect to add in sandwiches, hamburgers, salads or creams. It gives a delicious and crunchy touch, and when you have tasted it, you will repeat.

Sweet gluten free toppings

If you are looking for a sweet and different topping to your desserts, a good idea is to add gluten free cereals. Custards, yogurts, ice-creams or desserts in cup are better with the perfect touch of cereals. You will find in Esgir a wide range of gluten free cereals, Choco Petals, Mix Bolitas, Cereal Choc, (puffed choco rice).. among many others. Undoubtedly, cereals will give a different, crunchy and sweet touch that will surprise you.

If you want know new recipes where you can add gluten free toppings in your dishes, we recommend you visit the next posts: Esgir gluten free Croutons, Give a special touch to your dishes, Gluten free Snacks.

Chocosnack, a gluten-free sweet titbit

Usually, we feel hungry by mid-morning and mid-afternoon, so we want a quick snack. If you are not celiac, you have unlimited possibilities: cookies, chocolates, granola bars… but when we are celiacs, that’s no easy, because almost all snacks are full of gluten or they are cross-contaminated with gluten cereals and we need gluten-free products

For those moments when we feel very hungry and we don’t know what to eat, it is Chocosnack gluten-free.

Chocosnack is a delicious rice wafer filled with hazelnut chocolate cream that you will surely love. A sweet snack but also light, perfect to satisfy your sugar craving but without being over sweet.

Chocosnack is available in individual packages, perfect for school and work. Or also you can take it for any trip. And the best is that you can eat chocolate at any time without worrying about it melting.

You can also enjoy Chocosnack comfortably at home, it is perfect with hot drinks as tea or coffee. Another good idea is to add Chocosnacks as a topping in ice-creams, yogurts or desserts as puddings.

If you need more ideas, here you will find a delicious and healthy recipe.

Chocosnack banana milkshake

This milkshake is perfect for a good breakfast or as special snack, it is delicious and healthy because it doesn’t contains ice-cream but is so sweet thanks to ripen banana. Moreover we can take it hot or cold, it will depends of the milk temperature. To prepare this milkshake we can use a mixer or a smoothie machine.

Ingredients (2 servings):

  • 2 ripen bananas
  • 2 Chocosnacks
  • 2 cups of milk (it can be vegetable milk)
  • 3 tsp cocoa powder (the amount is optional)
  • Sugar
  • Whipped cream
  • Chocolate syrup


To prepare this milkshake, first we have to peel and cut the bananas into slices. Then we have to blend all the ingredients together until smooth.
You can choose the amount of sugar and cocoa powder according to your taste. To serve it we have to add whipped cream, syrup and Chocosnack. And now we can enjoy this perfect milkshake!

Gluten free foods, now, new delicious options

From the moment you are diagnosed with coeliac disease, many questions arise about that. How many foods should I avoid? Will I find new options? Should I have a gluten free foods list?

Even it seems a complicated situation, once we know what foods have gluten, everything gets easier.

The first premise is simple. All natural foods are gluten free, excepting some cereals as wheat, barley and rye. When we say natural foods, we mean any food that hasn’t been processed. For example, foods as vegetables and fruits, meat, fish, eggs, milk and gluten free cereals as corn, rice, etc.

We have to be careful with some «middle» foods as meat products, sausages, dairies… because even it doesn’t seem, they aren’t gluten free foods. For example, supermarket hamburgers include flours as common ingredient, so they aren’t gluten free foods.

Usually, processed foods are «dangerous» because they have a lot of different ingredients and gluten can be hidden in some of them. Common foods as snacks, breakfast cereals, frozen foods… We have to check all the labels to be sure that any of them contains gluten.

Luckily, now we can find special gluten free foods at any supermarket. In a market where food is increasingly processed, gluten free foods are an attractive option.

In Esgir we can find a wide range of gluten free foods. They are specially made to be a perfect alternative to that foods which main ingredient is wheat.

Recipes as batters used to be banned for coeliac people, but now it’s possible enjoy them thanks to gluten free foods as Esgir Crunchy Crumbs. Snacks are other kind of foods that often contain gluten, so Esgir offers a wide range of Croutons, all of them with different flavours for all the tastes.

Also, Esgir thinks about sweet snacks, so you can find Chocosnack, a sweet bite of chocolate, perfect to bring anywhere. For other hand, you must taste Esgir breakfast cereals There is a wide range of different flavours, where you can find sugar free cereals, bran cereals and cereals for children.

Thanks to Esgir, now it’s possible to enjoy a wide variety of delicious and healthy gluten free foods.