Gluten free Quinoa, the perfect food

Gluten free Quinoa has finally come to stay, so give it space in your kitchen pantry. If you have never heard of quinoa, keep reading…

Maybe Quinoa sounds like a new food, but actually, Quinoa has been consumed since the most remote times. This is a seed originated in the Andes, but is consumed and cooked like a cereal, so it is always treated as a cereal.

The FAO, (Food and Agriculture Organization) has recognized Quinoa as a super food, due to its high nutritional value. Quinoa has more proteins than any other vegetable, it is high in fiber, vitamins and minerals, as iron, magnesium and calcium. And in addition, Quinoa is gluten free.

For all these reasons, it is very positive to include Quinoa in our eating habits and it is adequate in any type of diet. Obviously, Quinoa is perfect in a gluten free diet, because its absence of gluten.

Moreover, Gluten Free Quinoa is recommended for diabetics and people with high cholesterol, because it has been shown that Gluten Free Quinoa helps reduce cholesterol and blood sugar levels.

Also, Quinoa is a good food for vegetarian and vegan diets because it has a very high-protein content. Its low level in saturated fats and its filling power makes Quinoa a great food for weight loss diets.

Now you can enjoy Bio Puffed Quinoa «Quinoa Pops»

In Esgir we can’t ignore the great qualities of Gluten Free Quinoa, so we decided to include it in our big family. So now you can enjoy Bio Puffed Quinoa.

Gluten free Quinoa can be consumed in many ways and we have chosen Bio Puffed Quinoa, also known as Quinoapops.

Bio Puffed Quinoa has a soft flavour, like sesame seeds. You can taste it like breakfast cereals with milk or yogurt. Bio Puffed Quinoa has a crunchy texture, so it is perfect as topping, so we can add in our desserts, milkshakes or juices.

If you want to know more about Gluten free Quinoa Pops, don’t worry, because soon we will share some recipes with Quinoa Pops in our blog.