Tips for making perfect and crunchy deep fried foods

It’s so easy getting crunchy deep fried foods with Crunchy Crumbs

When we are cooking a new recipe, we hope everything goes well, but sometimes our dish is not as we expected. This is so frustrating and we could think that the recipe was wrong or maybe we didn’t use the right ingredients. But the most common reason is that we don’t realize our own mistakes.

We couldn’t improve if we don’t know how, so to fix it and get perfect and crunchy breading, we want to explain you the most common frying mistakes and how to fix them.

Frying at the wrong temperature

To get a crunchy breading we need the right temperature. If the oil temperature is low, our breading will be mushy and greasy. But if the oil temperature is too high, the breading ends up raw on the inside and burnt on the inside. So the perfect temperature for frying is between 325 and 375 degrees Fahrenheit (180º Celsius). If we don’t have a thermometer, we can make a little test. We have to add a small piece of food into the oil, if it sizzles immediately, the oil temperature is right.

Changing the heat

In the rush, we usually cook on high heat, but when we have to add the food, we decide turn down the heat because we are afraid of hot oil can burn us. We must never do this, it is too dangerous and our food will be terrible.

Mixing different foods inside the oil

If we want to prepare a mix of deep fried foods, for example as a deep fried vegetables, we can add all the vegetables inside the same oil. But we can’t mix different foods, for example, as fried calamari and fried eggplant, because we will change the taste of both foods. Also, this is very important for people with celiac disease, because if we fry something with gluten, we will contaminate the oil and the next gluten-free food.

Amount of oil

If we use a small amount of oil, when we add the food, the oil temperature will drop. But we will the same result if we use a big amount, because it will take a lot of time to reach the right temperature. To get crunchy deep fried foods, virtue is the happy medium.

Amount of deep fried food

Although we want to finish as soon as possible to eating our deep fried foods, we must be patient. We can’t add all the pieces of food at the same time, because they need enough space between them. So we have to fry in small batches. Also, always we have to add small pieces of food, if it needed we must cut food in small sizes, for example, we can make vegetables sticks or chicken nuggets.

We hope that some of these tips will be useful to you. your deep fried foods will be tasty and super crispy with a professional result.