Wheat-free breakfast cereals, now available at your supermarket

Wheat-free breakfast cereals, now available at your supermarket

Until recently, it was so difficult for celiacs to find wheat-free breakfast cereals. There are many brands that offers breakfast cereals as corn flakes or puffed rice, but even this kind of breakfast cereals seems as wheat-free and therefore gluten-free, the fact is that ingredients as wheat or malt are present in these cereals. Moreover, most of breakfast cereals are unsuitable for celiacs, because they have hidden gluten.

Cereals are essential in a complete and healthy diet, so eating a great bowl of breakfast cereals is the best way to start the day.

Luckily, now is possible to find wheat-free cereals, and we can enjoy a wide variety of breakfast cereals.

Wheat-free cereals for every taste

Kids love breakfast cereals and is it’s a pity that they can’t enjoy a good bowl of cereals because of gluten. Luckily, in https://esgir.net/en/>Esgir you will find a wide variety of wheat-free breakfast cereals.

If your kids are chocolate fans, they can choose between choco puffed rice Cereal Choc, crispy and sweet Choco Petals or vanilla and cacao Mix Bolitas.

But the range doesn’t stop here, if you are searching another kind of cereals, you have a wide variety to choose. Now we can enjoy Corn Flakes Classic without gluten and sugar, this wheat-free cereals have the original and delicious flavour.

We know that it was frustrating to find oat flakes contaminated with gluten. For that, in Esgir we have managed to avoid cross-contamination to offer the best Oatmeal Flakes. And we can enjoy them in many meals, not only during breakfasts. We can use wheat-free Oatmeal flakes in many dishes and drinks.

On the other hand, if you try to avoid sugars but you want enjoy something sweet, a perfect option is Chocozeros, chocolate-coated rice without add sugars. And if you prefer fiber cereals, Bran flakes will surprise you with it sweet cocoa flavour.

Thanks to Esgir, now is possible to find wheat-free cereals. We are sure that you will find your favourite cereals in our wheat-free breakfast cereals range.