Wheat-free breakfast cereals, now available at your supermarket

Gluten free cereal grains, our allies

When we are diagnosed with coeliac disease and we know that gluten is in cereals, first we think that cereals are our enemy. And if we think about cereals, the first though that comes is the image of wheat. That is because wheat is used to make a lot of common foods as bread, pasta, pizza, pastries… But wheat is not the only cereal, and fortunately there’s a wide range of gluten free cereals. Today we will talk about the three most important gluten free cereal grains of the world. They are rice, maize and oats.


This gluten free cereal grain is the most produced cereal worldwide. Maize is very rich in nutrients, fiber and vitamins, and it can also be used to make other foods as corn flour or corn oil.


If maize is the king of cereals, rice is the prince. This gluten free cereal grain is in the second place of cereals production. It is also rich in vitamins and minerals, and we can easily find brown rice too. Other foods as flour, milk, wine and vinegar can be made with rice.


Oats are very rich in vitamins and minerals, but particularly in proteins, fiber and vegetable fats. This cereal grain is gluten free, but there has always been a big controversy about that. This occur because natural oats don’t contain gluten, but during their harvesting and other processes, oats can be contaminated with others grains.

This happened until relatively recently, and luckily now we can find gluten free oats. Usually we can buy oat flakes but also we can buy milk, flour and oat bran.

Thousand ways to enjoy gluten free cereal grains

There are many ways to eat gluten free cereal grains. There are countless recipes to make with rice, corn or oat flakes, but also, as we said before, flours can be made from these gluten free cereals. They are used to create a wide range of very different foods.

From gluten free cereals emerge a new food

Esgir is constantly innovating to extend its wide range of gluten free products. These foods are made with the best quality gluten free cereals, always avoiding the risk of cross-contamination 100%.

As a result, Esgir has become a national point of reference in the gluten-free breakfast cereal sector. Furthermore, Esgir offers different products as coatings, croutons, snacks… It seems incredible that we can make so different products from simple foods as cereal grains, creating a new healthy diet with delicious gluten-free foods.