Gluten free snacks

Snacks can be enjoyed in any place, at the office, at the school, or during a trip. They cut our hunger at any time of the day, especially in the mid-morning or in the mid-afternoon. However, is not easy to find gluten free snacks, so we want to give you some ideas for gluten free snacks, different for each occasion.

Gluten free Snacks to bring

Many times, when we go out, we are hungry and we try to find any snack. This sound easy, but if you are coeliac, this is like looking for a needle in a haystack. Most of snacks contain gluten or they are cross-contaminated. And if we are hungry, looking labels is not a funny task.

To avoid this bad time, is better to know foods of gluten free brands, as Esgir. You will find delicious gluten free snacks to bring as Chocosnack, crispy wafers filled with hazelnut chocolate cream. But if you prefer a salty snack, you can try Protein Snack, healthy and tasty, it is a source of proteins and it have low saturated fats.

Gluten free Snacks at home

When we are in our home, we can have any snack we want. To avoid eating always the same gluten free snacks, we can be creative and try to make our own snacks, which will be more original and delicious. Next recipes are easy and really tasty.

Festive cereals

In a small glass, add vanilla and cacao Mix Bolitas with Greek yogurt, and as a topping we can add cacao cream, toffee or chocolate syrup.. whatever you want!

Mini Snack Salad

This Mini Snack Salad is really easy, the ingredients combination is what makes it perfect. For this salad we will need:

Cherry tomatoes, feta cheese, black olives, picked pearl onions and Garlic and Parsley Croutons.

We just have to cut cherry tomatoes and mix all the ingredients. To season the salad we will add olive oil, vinegar, salt and oregano.

Gluten free Snacks for guests

To avoid boring your guests with typical crisps or sausages, we recommend you this simple recipe of snacks. If you want you can use it as appetizer.

Panko vegetables

For this recipe, you can choose your favourite vegetables: courgette, carrots, pepper, aubergine… First, you have to cut the vegetables into mini sticks. Then cover them with egg and after with Crunchy Crumbs, we will fry them in hot vegetable oil. And that’s all, you can dip them with your favourite sauce.