Sugar free breakfast cereals for kids, the perfect breakfast

People often think children need a lot of energy, so it’s not important to control the amount of sugar they eat as if they were adults. This is a big mistake. This is a big mistake because children these days are surrounded by sugar. Choose sugar free breakfast cereals is a good idea to avoid unhealthy foods.

Why children should eat sugar free breakfast cereals?

Nowadays, it’s not a coincidence that the rate of childhood obesity has increased. Because we don’t know, but many common foods have high amounts of sugar. Foods as chocolate powder for breakfast, artificial fruit juices, yoghurts, sauces as ketchup… We don’ t realize but each day we eat an excessive amount of sugar.

At breakfast time, children have their favourite foods, as breakfast cereals. Breakfast cereals are nutritious and fast, but the problem is that the most famous breakfast cereals have high amounts of sugar.

For this reason, Esgir presents its range of sugar free breakfast cereals.

Esgir’s range of sugar free breakfast cereals

Thanks to Esgir, now it’s not difficult to find sugar free breakfast cereals for kids. This range of sugar free breakfast cereals is designed to the breakfast cereals fans. And parents don’t have to worry anymore about the amount of sugar. Moreover, none of them have gluten, so these breakfast cereals are perfect for coeliac children. Now is possible to enjoy breakfast cereals every morning in a healthy way.

We can find different breakfast cereals in Esgir’s range as:

Corn Flakes Classic, the loved crunchy corn flakes, finally free of gluten and added sugar.

Oatmeal flakes, now available without cross-contamination in origin. Oatmeal flakes are the healthiest cereal and we can add them in both sweet and savoury dishes.

Chocozero, chocolate-coated rice, sugar-free cereals which will delight kids and adults.

Always healthy breakfasts with sugar free cereals for kids

Cereals are one of the healthiest and more nutritious foods, they are source of vitamins, minerals and fiber, and they give us energy, perfect to start the day.

Keep in mind that if you give sugar free breakfast cereals to your kids, you will avoid unhealthy breakfast foods as pastries or cookies which contain a lot of added sugars, gluten and saturated fats.

To avoid eat the same breakfast each day, we can change and prepare different combinations. We can choose between different vegetable milks as oat milk or soy milk… To make a complete breakfast, the best idea is to add fruit chunks as banana, blackberries, strawberries…