Salted or sweet? Choose your perfect gluten free topping

Even the most elaborated dish is more tempting if it is topped with a great toppings. It is not a coincidence the meaning of «the cherry on the cake». So if you want how to give a special touch to your dishes, keep reading…

When we are coeliacs, we have our fix recipes that never fail, but also we want to know new dishes and above all, discover new alternatives to ingredients with gluten. For this reason, gluten free toppings are perfect. We can add them in our usual dishes or in new recipes, even they are the perfect ingredient what is missing in a dish.

Salted gluten free toppings

The perfect topping for soups, gazpacho and creams are croutons. Esgir gluten free Croutons are toasted, that means they are crunchy and more healthy than any other type of croutons. Also you can choose your favourite flavour to match with your dish. You will find several flavours: Natural Croutons, Garlic and Parsley Croutons, Onion and Pepper Croutons and Cocktail Croutons. All of them are delicious, and you can also add them in salads.

Another gluten free topping that you will surprise is Esgir Crunchy Crispy Onion. Have you tasted it? Crunchy Crispy Onion has a characteristic flavour and it is very different of usual onion. It is perfect to add in sandwiches, hamburgers, salads or creams. It gives a delicious and crunchy touch, and when you have tasted it, you will repeat.

Sweet gluten free toppings

If you are looking for a sweet and different topping to your desserts, a good idea is to add gluten free cereals. Custards, yogurts, ice-creams or desserts in cup are better with the perfect touch of cereals. You will find in Esgir a wide range of gluten free cereals, Choco Petals, Mix Bolitas, Cereal Choc, (puffed choco rice).. among many others. Undoubtedly, cereals will give a different, crunchy and sweet touch that will surprise you.

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