How to make perfect and tasty deep fried foods

If you want to know how to make perfect and tasty deep fried foods, keep reading…

There are two ways to get tastier deep fried foods, we can do it inside or outside. If we want a tasty inside, we can marinate it, as we would do with baking recipes; but this is only possible for foods as meat and fish. So, to make any deep fried food, we can add flavour outside, at the batter.

To get a delicious dish of deep fried foods, we need an extra crispy batter of good quality as Crunchy Crumbs. Only in this way, our batter will be golden and crunchy and moreover, it will not absorb too much oil.

Spices for each deep fried food

Each food combine better with certain spices, so now we want recommend you which ones are best for each deep fried food.

Fish and seafood: Parsley and dill are the best spices to combine. Onion and garlic powder also will give a delicious taste to your deep fried foods.

Red meat: Basil, rosemary and obviously garlic and onion powder add delicious flavours to this kind of meat.

White meat: Spices as thyme, paprika, curry, cumin and dill go with chicken and turkey.

Potatoes: Deep fried potatoes go with many spices, we just choose our favourite seasoning. Onion or garlic powder, basil, oregano, herbes de provence, curry, rosemary, paprika…

Vegetables: Basil, garlic and parsley are great with vegetables as aubergine, mushrooms, onions…

If we want add a spicy touch, we just have to add pepper or spicy paprika in the batter.

Cheeses: A delicious as deep fried cheese need a good seasoning made with herbs. Oregano, parsley or herbes de provence are perfect for them.

Desserts: Deep fried desserts as fried milk, fried ice-cream or some fruits as deep fried apple or banana will be great if we add cinnamon in the batter. A sweet and soft craving.

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