Esgir Croutons gluten-free, give a special touch to your dishes

To give a unique and special touch to your dishes, Esgir has created its Croutons Gluten-free range.
They are so delicious, so once you have tried them in your dishes, we are sure you will try them as snack.
Also, you can bring them anywhere, to the office or picnics, because their packages and little boxes are so handy to bring them everywhere.

These crispy and tasty snacks are free of gluten, dairy and egg, so there are suitable for coeliacs and vegans.
Esgir croutons are made with chickpea flour, a source of vegetable protein, what makes them much more nutritious than the traditional croutons which are made with wheat flour.
Unlike most of croutons, which are fried, Esgir croutons are baked. In addition, they have less than 10 percent of fat and they only contain 1 gram of saturated fat.

For all these reasons, Esgir croutons are the healthiest croutons of the market.
And even though it doesn’t look like, Esgir Croutons don’t contain any type of food colouring, they are coloured with natural ingredients as paprika, parsley and onion.

You can find Esgir Croutons with 3 different flavours: Natural Crouton, Garlic and Parsley Crouton, and Onion and Pepper Crouton.
You can choose your favourite Croutons, or better yet, you can mix different flavours to give a special touch to your dishes.
Always is a good idea discover new foods and flavours, so you can try healthy and delicious meals each week. So we want to recommend you this easy and original recipe:

Crispy anchovy salad

This crispy salad has a strong contrast of flavours and textures, with salad anchovies, a special dressing and crispy Garlic and Parsley Croutons. When you have tried you will make it again for sure.

Ingredients (4 servings):

  • 1 little gem lettuce
  • 1 box of Garlic and Parsley Crouton
  • 1 red pepper
  • 1 yellow pepper
  • 2 ripe tomatoes diced
  • 1 anchovy can

For the dressing:

  • 4 tablespoons olive oil
  • 1 tablespoon vinegar
  • 3 tablespoons of capers
  • spring onions
  • Salt and Pepper

First, we have to wash all the vegetables. Then we chop the peppers and tomatoes. We need to cut each anchovy in half.
To make the dressing, we wash and chop the spring onions. In a small bowl, mix them with the other ingredients to make the dressing.
Put all the vegetables into a large serving bowl, add the anchovies and Garlic and Parsley crouton. Finally cover with our dressing.

Healthier and tastier breading for chicken

We can make different dishes with different breaded chicken pieces but certainly, chicken nuggets are favorite of many people.
These little titbits are tender inside and crunchy outside, so no one can’t resist.

These little pieces of breading chicken are delicious but we usually eat and buy them at fast food restaurants and supermarkets.
And this is a big mistake. At first sight, we think nuggets are made of tender breast chicken, but nothing could be more untrue.
At most famous fast food restaurants, nuggets are made as hot dogs; that means a mixture of meat with skin, blood vessels, gristle… In other words, processed foods with a big quantity of fat.

Nuggets from supermarket are not better. If we read the nutrition facts label and ingredients, we will see that they only contains 30% of breast chicken and a high amount of additives and salt.
But that is not all, nuggets always have a lower protein percent than their fat percent.

So, if we want to eat real nuggets of breast chicken and obviously without unhealthy additives, the best idea is make our own breading for chicken.
We promise that these homemade chicken nuggets are more crunchy and tastes much better than nuggets from fast food restaurants and supermarkets.
Don’t you worry about difficulty or time, we ensure that this is an easy and quick recipe, and you could enjoy of the best breading for chicken you have ever tasted.

Nuggets recipe

  • Ingredients:
  • ½ kg chicken breast
  • 1 Crunchy Crumbs package
  • Vegetable oil
  • Salt and pepper
  • Garlic and onion powder

First, we have to cut the chicken breast into small pieces. After we sprinkle it with the salt, pepper, onion powder and garlic powder.
Then we coat each nugget with Crunchy Crumbs. We have to heat vegetable oil in a large skillet over high heat (around 180º is perfect). So we can fry our nuggets.
If all the nuggets don’t fit in the skillet, it is better to fry many batches. We will cook them until they are golden brown on each side. We will use a spatula to place the nuggets on paper towels to drain.
Et voilà! We will have perfect breaded nuggets.

*We can add other spices or seasonings before breading as curry or paprika if we want different flavors.

Gluten Free dishes for your Christmas menu

The most festive season of the year has arrived and also the most gastronomic, because we have a lot of meetings with family and friends around a dinner table. Countless meals await us: Christmas, New Year, Epiphany…

In Esgir we maintain that celiac disease can’t be a hindrance to enjoy food. For that reason, we want share with you our ideas for gluten free dishes to celebrate this wonderful time.

Gluten free Appetisers

Always a festive table starts with a wide range of appetisers. We can choose traditional appetisers as croquettes, that never fail to delight. Typical croquettes filled with chicken or cod, or maybe we can change and try new fillings as mushrooms or crispy onion. Skewers are a good option too, we can mix salty and sweet flavours. There are a lot of combinations, for example, as prawns with pineapple, or salmon with cheese and avocado, both skewers will be delicious.

Gluten free starters

Soups and creams are perfect to warm up on winter. A vichyssoise or an onion soup are excellent to whet your appetite. But if you prefer a cold dish, a olivier salad is the best option. No matter what you choose, but you must add your favourite croutons.

Gluten free main courses

Usually families choose between meat or fish, but if you want to change this time, you can make another dish. For example a potato gratin will delight all the family. Other idea is a great salad as the famous Caesar salad, with fried crunchy chicken thanks to Crunchy Crumbs and your favourite croutons, this dish will be a good choice.

Gluten free desserts

Cereal Choc or Chocozeros, both of them are gluten free.

We hope you enjoy these suggestions for a gluten free menu for these special holidays.

Perfect deep fried foods with Crunchy Crumbs

Who doesn’t love deep fried foods? They’re really delicious. Deep fried foods can be served as a starter, a side or a main course and always they will be a successful dish. Breading is an easy cooking technique and also very popular around the world. Recipes as American fried chicken, Spanish croquettes, or deep fried sushi shows how we can taste different and delicious ways of deep fried foods.

You don’t have to miss all these delight because of gluten. Esgir has created Crunchy Crumbs, an excellent breading preparation
with you can make your favourite dishes without any complications. Crunchy Crumbs is not only gluten free, it is also free from dairy and egg, so is perfect for people who have these kind of intolerances and allergies. It doesn’t contains any kind of additives, preservatives or flavour enhancers, which means it’s a healthier product.

Crunchy Crumbs can be used for chicken, red meat, fish and seafood. Also small and delicious bites as creamy fried cheese or croquettes. We can’t forget about vegetarian dishes, vegetables and tofu can be coated with Crunchy Crumbs. And what’s more, with Crunchy Crumbs you will get results like a pro. Your deep fried foods will get an extra crunchy texture because Crunchy Crumbs absorb less oil than breadcrumbs, with it’s airy texture, each bite will be unique, crispy and delicious.We guarantee all your deep fried foods will be perfectly breaded and any of your dishes will be super tasty with Crunchy Crumbs.

To make your deep fried foods, we recommend you dip the chosen foods into a beaten egg before the coating of Crunchy Crumbs. Only if you prepare chicken, this step is not necessary. Now, we want to give you some ideas of new recipes with Crunchy Crumbs.

Sweet bites of goat cheese

As starters or snacks, your guests will be delighted with this appetizing dish. It’s crispy coating with Crunchy Crumbs offers a perfectly result like a pro.

  • 4 servings
  • Ingredients:
  • 1 Log of goat cheese
  • 1 Crunchy Crumbs package
  • Different jams
  • Honey
  • Vegetable oil

We have to start cutting the log of goat cheese into small pieces (about 1 cm). Then we can coat each of them into Crunchy Crumbs. We heat the vegetable oil in a small skillet over medium high heat to fry our slices. We have to do this carefully, avoiding touch the pieces. Cook until Crunchy Crumbs are golden brown, then you can remove them from oil.

We have to serve with honey or different jams. For example, raspberry or peach jam. A tasty contrast of flavours and textures, sweet and salty, the crispy Crunchy Crumbs with creamy cheese goat.

Gluten Free Panko Crunchy Crumbs

Japanese food is one of the most popular cuisines in the world; but it’s not only sushi, as many people think. Japanese cuisine is so rich and varied.
The most typical dishes includes soups, noodles, rices, stews, dumplings and deep fried foods.

Deep fried foods are so popular and there’s no Japanese festival without stalls of them. In those places, we will found two ways to make fried food: tempura or panko.
And today we will talk about the last one: Panko.

Panko is a Japanese bread crumb and is so different in some ways from regular breadcrumbs.
First of all, the processing. Panko is made from fresh bread without crusts, so we can get lighter and crispier deep fried foods.

Frying with panko is so much better, because it absorbs less oil and grease, so our dishes will be healthier and tastier.

Obviously Panko is not gluten free, because is made with wheat flour. But, fortunately we can enjoy
delicious deep fried foods thanks to Crunchy Crumbs.

You will have the same results as Panko with Crunch Crumbs and it’s gluten free. With Crunchy Crumbs you will enjoy as if you were in Far East. Let’s try new foods!

PankoMushroom Croquettes recipe

    • Ingredients (4 servings)
    • 4 potatoes
    • 150 gr shiitake mushrooms
    • 1 Crunchy Crumbs package
    • 1 egg
    • 1/2 medium onion
    • 1 clove of garlic
    • Soy sauce or Tonkatsu sauce
    • Vegetable oil for frying
    • Salt and pepper

First of all, we need to rehydrate dried shiitake mushrooms, so we have to cover them generously with water for 1 hour. Meanwhile, we wash and boil potatoes. After they’re ready, we can peel and mash them.

We have to finely mince the clove of garlic and dice onion and mushrooms. We will stir-fry first garlic and onion and after mushrooms (around 5 minutes). We set them aside.
We will wait 5 minutes to mix them with mashed potatoes. With this mixture we will shape our croquettes. For the batter, we coat them first in egg, and then in Crunchy Crumbs.
We fry croquettes in the hot oil , 2 minutes on each side until Panko get a deep golden brown. For dipping, we will serve with Tonkatsu sauce or soy sauce.