Wheat-free breakfast cereals, now available at your supermarket

Until recently, it was so difficult for celiacs to find wheat-free breakfast cereals. There are many brands that offers breakfast cereals as corn flakes or puffed rice, but even this kind of breakfast cereals seems as wheat-free and therefore gluten-free, the fact is that ingredients as wheat or malt are present in these cereals. Moreover, most of breakfast cereals are unsuitable for celiacs, because they have hidden gluten.

Cereals are essential in a complete and healthy diet, so eating a great bowl of breakfast cereals is the best way to start the day.

Luckily, now is possible to find wheat-free cereals, and we can enjoy a wide variety of breakfast cereals.

Wheat-free cereals for every taste

Kids love breakfast cereals and is it’s a pity that they can’t enjoy a good bowl of cereals because of gluten. Luckily, in https://esgir.net/en/>Esgir you will find a wide variety of wheat-free breakfast cereals.

If your kids are chocolate fans, they can choose between choco puffed rice Cereal Choc, crispy and sweet Choco Petals or vanilla and cacao Mix Bolitas.

But the range doesn’t stop here, if you are searching another kind of cereals, you have a wide variety to choose. Now we can enjoy Corn Flakes Classic without gluten and sugar, this wheat-free cereals have the original and delicious flavour.

We know that it was frustrating to find oat flakes contaminated with gluten. For that, in Esgir we have managed to avoid cross-contamination to offer the best Oatmeal Flakes. And we can enjoy them in many meals, not only during breakfasts. We can use wheat-free Oatmeal flakes in many dishes and drinks.

On the other hand, if you try to avoid sugars but you want enjoy something sweet, a perfect option is Chocozeros, chocolate-coated rice without add sugars. And if you prefer fiber cereals, Bran flakes will surprise you with it sweet cocoa flavour.

Thanks to Esgir, now is possible to find wheat-free cereals. We are sure that you will find your favourite cereals in our wheat-free breakfast cereals range.

Gluten-free Panko, now you can enjoy deep fried foods

Once you’ve tried Gluten-free Panko, you won’t want any other breading. Don’t you know it yet?

Panko is a Japanese batter and even it is made with bread, in Esgir we have managed to make our own gluten-free panko, Crunchy Crumbs package

  • 1 egg
  • 2 green little peppers
  • 1 little onion
  • Vegetable oil
  • Salt, pepper and garlic powder
  • For the sweet and sour red sauce:
  • 5 tbsp fried tomato sauce
  • White vinegar
  • 1 tsp sugar or honey
  • 2tsp corn starch



First of all, we have to chop the green peppers and onion. Set aside. Then we have to cut the hake fillets in to chunks.

To prepare the batter, we will use gluten-free Panko Crunchy Crumbs. For that, first we have to coat each piece with egg and after with Crunchy Crumbs.

Now, we can stir the vegetables and meanwhile we can fry the fish in another wok or pan. Fry until each piece turn golden brown and then we can remove it and drain onto paper towels.

To make the sauce we have to mix the ingredients. When the vegetables are ready we have to add them to the fish and cover it with the sour-sweet red sauce. This dish will be more delicious if we serve it with white rice.

Surprising foods and cereals that contain gluten

Nowadays, coeliac disease is very known, but unfortunately many people thinks that this is an allergy. In fact, coeliac disease is a digestive disorder in which the body mistakenly reacts to gluten. This type of protein is found in some cereals as wheat, barley and rye. Generally, this type of cereals is associated with bread, so it»s usually though that there are only few foods and cereals to avoid.

Cereals and foods that we can’t buy

We would be lucky if the list of foods and cereals to avoid were short, but is not like that. Cereals as wheat, barley and rye are used to make a lot of foods. For example, drinks as beer, malt beer, whisky or gin are made with barley and rye.

As for wheat, we know that the wheat flour is the main ingredient in any kind of pasta and pastry, but the fact is that this flour is present in a large amount of foods.

We would never suspect of some foods as meat products. Sausages, hamburgers or tinned meats include gluten. The same applies to processed fish as surimi or tinned fish.

Vegetables tinned like beans or nuts can include among their ingredients gluten. In the case of breakfast cereals, many of them are rice or corn, cereals that don’t have gluten, but if we read their nutritional labels, we will found ingredients as wheat flour or malt.

We have to be careful with processed foods as frozen croquettes, chicken broth, soup sachets… Unfortunately, sweets are no exception, so many ice-creams, custard desserts and chocolates include gluten.

As we can see, the list of cereals and foods to avoid is too long. And we have only talked about home food. But, what happens when we want eating out?

Eating out: the challenge to avoid cross-contamination in foods and cereals

As we said before, coeliac disease is very known but also very superficially. So when we want eating out, always we have to ask in the establishment if they have gluten-free options or at least, if they have knowledge about the cross-contamination.

To avoid cross-contamination is very important a right food handling, because we can’t eat any dish if there are some food with gluten in it, even if we remove it. Moreover, during the cooking processes as grilling or shallow frying, gluten-free foods or foods with gluten can’t be mixed.

In the same way, we have to be careful with our own cutlery and avoid sharing with the other fellow diners.

Easy and delicious Gluten free afternoon snacks

Strangely enough, snacking is a healthy habit. It’s usual to feel hungry during the afternoon, so if we don’t want overeating at dinner, the best way is eating a healthy snack. So we don’t have any excuse, snacking is a great idea, and we can also find afternoon gluten free snacks.

At first sight, we think that prepare gluten free afternoon snacks is a bit complicated. We often think in sandwiches or pastries, but obviously this is impossible, because we have forbidden any food made with wheat flour.

Luckily, everything changes, and now we are more aware of the benefits of a healthy diet and we know what food is healthy and which is not.

To prepare gluten free afternoon snacks, first of all, we have to take into account forbidden foods. Besides breads, pastries and cookies, we can’t eat sausages, ice-creams, cereals or chocolates which are not labeled as gluten-free. Foods that we can eat are dairies, fruits and vegetables, gluten free cereals, gluten free ice-creams and chocolates and raw nuts.

And of course, with these foods we can make a lot of gluten free afternoon snacks. Remember that this meal has to be healthy and light.

Recipes of gluten free afternoon snacks

Pumpkin shake

  • Ingredients:
  • 2 cups almond milk
  • 1 cup pumpkin purée
  • 1/2 cup Esgir Oatmeal Flakes
  • 1cup ice cubs (optional)
  • 1 teaspoon honey
  • 1 teaspoon cinnamon
  • pinch nutmeg


To prepare our pumpkin and oatmeals shake, we have to add the ingredients to the blender. If we don’t want a cold shake, we can add mineral water; the amount varies if we like the shake thinner or thicker.

Fruit, yogurt and cereal parfait

This recipe is super adaptable, you can choose any ingredient you want and make a lot of different combinations.


First of all we need parfait glasses. To prepare them, we will layer the cereals, then the yogurt and the chosen fruits. We will repeat the layers until the top and then, we will add honey or our favourite syrup or jam.

Sugar free breakfast cereals for kids, the perfect breakfast

People often think children need a lot of energy, so it’s not important to control the amount of sugar they eat as if they were adults. This is a big mistake. This is a big mistake because children these days are surrounded by sugar. Choose sugar free breakfast cereals is a good idea to avoid unhealthy foods.

Why children should eat sugar free breakfast cereals?

Nowadays, it’s not a coincidence that the rate of childhood obesity has increased. Because we don’t know, but many common foods have high amounts of sugar. Foods as chocolate powder for breakfast, artificial fruit juices, yoghurts, sauces as ketchup… We don’ t realize but each day we eat an excessive amount of sugar.

At breakfast time, children have their favourite foods, as breakfast cereals. Breakfast cereals are nutritious and fast, but the problem is that the most famous breakfast cereals have high amounts of sugar.

For this reason, Esgir presents its range of sugar free breakfast cereals.

Esgir’s range of sugar free breakfast cereals

Thanks to Esgir, now it’s not difficult to find sugar free breakfast cereals for kids. This range of sugar free breakfast cereals is designed to the breakfast cereals fans. And parents don’t have to worry anymore about the amount of sugar. Moreover, none of them have gluten, so these breakfast cereals are perfect for coeliac children. Now is possible to enjoy breakfast cereals every morning in a healthy way.

We can find different breakfast cereals in Esgir’s range as:

Corn Flakes Classic, the loved crunchy corn flakes, finally free of gluten and added sugar.

Oatmeal flakes, now available without cross-contamination in origin. Oatmeal flakes are the healthiest cereal and we can add them in both sweet and savoury dishes.

Chocozero, chocolate-coated rice, sugar-free cereals which will delight kids and adults.

Always healthy breakfasts with sugar free cereals for kids

Cereals are one of the healthiest and more nutritious foods, they are source of vitamins, minerals and fiber, and they give us energy, perfect to start the day.

Keep in mind that if you give sugar free breakfast cereals to your kids, you will avoid unhealthy breakfast foods as pastries or cookies which contain a lot of added sugars, gluten and saturated fats.

To avoid eat the same breakfast each day, we can change and prepare different combinations. We can choose between different vegetable milks as oat milk or soy milk… To make a complete breakfast, the best idea is to add fruit chunks as banana, blackberries, strawberries…

Gluten free snacks

Snacks can be enjoyed in any place, at the office, at the school, or during a trip. They cut our hunger at any time of the day, especially in the mid-morning or in the mid-afternoon. However, is not easy to find gluten free snacks, so we want to give you some ideas for gluten free snacks, different for each occasion.

Gluten free Snacks to bring

Many times, when we go out, we are hungry and we try to find any snack. This sound easy, but if you are coeliac, this is like looking for a needle in a haystack. Most of snacks contain gluten or they are cross-contaminated. And if we are hungry, looking labels is not a funny task.

To avoid this bad time, is better to know foods of gluten free brands, as Esgir. You will find delicious gluten free snacks to bring as Chocosnack, crispy wafers filled with hazelnut chocolate cream. But if you prefer a salty snack, you can try Protein Snack, healthy and tasty, it is a source of proteins and it have low saturated fats.

Gluten free Snacks at home

When we are in our home, we can have any snack we want. To avoid eating always the same gluten free snacks, we can be creative and try to make our own snacks, which will be more original and delicious. Next recipes are easy and really tasty.

Festive cereals

In a small glass, add vanilla and cacao Mix Bolitas with Greek yogurt, and as a topping we can add cacao cream, toffee or chocolate syrup.. whatever you want!

Mini Snack Salad

This Mini Snack Salad is really easy, the ingredients combination is what makes it perfect. For this salad we will need:

Cherry tomatoes, feta cheese, black olives, picked pearl onions and Garlic and Parsley Croutons.

We just have to cut cherry tomatoes and mix all the ingredients. To season the salad we will add olive oil, vinegar, salt and oregano.

Gluten free Snacks for guests

To avoid boring your guests with typical crisps or sausages, we recommend you this simple recipe of snacks. If you want you can use it as appetizer.

Panko vegetables

For this recipe, you can choose your favourite vegetables: courgette, carrots, pepper, aubergine… First, you have to cut the vegetables into mini sticks. Then cover them with egg and after with Crunchy Crumbs, we will fry them in hot vegetable oil. And that’s all, you can dip them with your favourite sauce.

Gluten free cereal grains, our allies

When we are diagnosed with coeliac disease and we know that gluten is in cereals, first we think that cereals are our enemy. And if we think about cereals, the first though that comes is the image of wheat. That is because wheat is used to make a lot of common foods as bread, pasta, pizza, pastries… But wheat is not the only cereal, and fortunately there’s a wide range of gluten free cereals. Today we will talk about the three most important gluten free cereal grains of the world. They are rice, maize and oats.


This gluten free cereal grain is the most produced cereal worldwide. Maize is very rich in nutrients, fiber and vitamins, and it can also be used to make other foods as corn flour or corn oil.


If maize is the king of cereals, rice is the prince. This gluten free cereal grain is in the second place of cereals production. It is also rich in vitamins and minerals, and we can easily find brown rice too. Other foods as flour, milk, wine and vinegar can be made with rice.


Oats are very rich in vitamins and minerals, but particularly in proteins, fiber and vegetable fats. This cereal grain is gluten free, but there has always been a big controversy about that. This occur because natural oats don’t contain gluten, but during their harvesting and other processes, oats can be contaminated with others grains.

This happened until relatively recently, and luckily now we can find gluten free oats. Usually we can buy oat flakes but also we can buy milk, flour and oat bran.

Thousand ways to enjoy gluten free cereal grains

There are many ways to eat gluten free cereal grains. There are countless recipes to make with rice, corn or oat flakes, but also, as we said before, flours can be made from these gluten free cereals. They are used to create a wide range of very different foods.

From gluten free cereals emerge a new food

Esgir is constantly innovating to extend its wide range of gluten free products. These foods are made with the best quality gluten free cereals, always avoiding the risk of cross-contamination 100%.

As a result, Esgir has become a national point of reference in the gluten-free breakfast cereal sector. Furthermore, Esgir offers different products as coatings, croutons, snacks… It seems incredible that we can make so different products from simple foods as cereal grains, creating a new healthy diet with delicious gluten-free foods.

Quick Gluten free breakfasts

To make gluten free breakfasts we have two ways. We can choose gluten free products or we can make our own gluten free breakfasts. The first way is perfect for those mornings when we are in a hurry, whereas with the second way we can try different and new recipes for gluten free breakfasts.

Breakfast cereals are, undoubtedly, the best option if we want a quick breakfast but also healthy and delicious. Usually, most of breakfast cereals were made with wheat or also they were contaminated because traces, so they were foods to avoid. Fortunately, things are changing, thanks to brands as Esgir a point of reference in the Gluten Free Breakfast Cereal sector.

Esgir offers a wide range of gluten free cereals for every taste. If we want to enjoy a gluten free chocolate breakfast, we can choose between Cereal Choc, sweet choco rice, Choco Petals, crunchy choco shells or Mix Bolitas, a mix of vanilla and cocoa balls. If we search bran cereals, we can try Bran Flakes, delicious corn flakes with bran.

Also if we prefer, we can taste sugar and gluten free breakfasts. Corn Flakes Classic are insanely delicious and crunchy. On the other hand, we have Oatmeal flakes. They are the most versatile cereals, because we can add them in many recipes and we can taste them in many different ways. And if we want taste chocolate without sugar, we have Choco Zero, chocolate-coated rice to delight children and adults.

Different gluten free breakfasts

Trying new things is always a good idea, so we can make new gluten free breakfasts. Although we can’t eat pastries, we can be creative and make our own «cravings» for our gluten free breakfasts. The best of these recipes are that they are more healthy and they have a better original taste. At this time, we invite you to make these delicious and super easy homemade cookies.

Oatmeal cookies

  • Instructions:
  • First preheat your oven to 350 degrees. Next, mash the bananas until they’re mushy, add the other ingredients and mix them. To make the cookie shape just make a ball and then push down. Place the cookies onto a cookie sheet covered with parchment paper. Bake for 15-20 minutes. Remove from oven and move the cookies to a cooling rack.

    Cookies will keep in a covered for a few days. Remember to place parchment paper between the layers of cookies.

    Gluten free foods, now more different and delicious

    The number of people with coeliac disease has increased considerably over the last ten years, consequently there is more information today. This is not an allergy or a food intolerance and the only treatment is a gluten free diet for life.

    A gluten free diet is a healthy diet, and the best part is that many healthy foods are gluten free foods. All vegetables and fruits, rice, potatoes, legumes and nuts are available. Foods of animal origin as meat, fish, seafood, eggs and dairy products are also allowed.

    Foods not allowed are divided in two groups: grains and processed foods. Grains as wheat, barley and ray contains gluten so we have to avoid any food or drink made with these ingredients. Foods as bread, pasta, cereals and pastry or drinks as beer and whisky are definitely banned.

    On the other hand, we have to be careful with processed foods, because they are often made with flours. Maybe some foods don’t seem that they contain any grains, but they are common ingredients in soups, croutons, processed luncheon meats, snacks, chocolates….

    In some cases, there are foods which don’t contain gluten but they are not allowed. This is because cross-contamination, that is to say, during any stage of food preparation, any gluten free food can be contaminated with other food which contains gluten. It can happen in factories, restaurants or even in our kitchen. For example, if we use the same oil to fry different foods, we will contaminate all the food.

    For that reason, it’s very important to read labels in each food. It can be really tedious, so a better and easy way to go grocery shopping is to buy products of gluten free brands. For more than twenty-five years Esgir has made gluten free foods and we are continually innovating and developing new gluten free foods to offer a wide variety of products.

    We know the taste for variety, so we offer gluten free foods which are a delicious alternative to the banned foods. Our most representative product is our wide range of cereals. You can find gluten free cereals of all kinds, cereals for children, cereals without sugar, bran cereals

    Moreover, it’s to difficult to find gluten free chocolates, and for that reason we have Chocosnack, a delicious snack filled with hazelnut chocolate cream in a small pack to bring everywhere.

    We know that that some dishes are banned because its ingredients, as deep fried foods, so Esgir created the special panko breading Crunchy Crumbs to cooking any deep fried food that you want. And now you can serve your salads, soups and creams with gluten free croutons. You could choose different flavours to make any dish taste better.

    As we said, now it’s so easy to find gluten free foods which are nutritious and delicious. Esgir will continue to innovate, so you can enjoy a healthy and balanced diet.

    Tips for making perfect and crunchy deep fried foods

    It’s so easy getting crunchy deep fried foods with Crunchy Crumbs

    When we are cooking a new recipe, we hope everything goes well, but sometimes our dish is not as we expected. This is so frustrating and we could think that the recipe was wrong or maybe we didn’t use the right ingredients. But the most common reason is that we don’t realize our own mistakes.

    We couldn’t improve if we don’t know how, so to fix it and get perfect and crunchy breading, we want to explain you the most common frying mistakes and how to fix them.

    Frying at the wrong temperature

    To get a crunchy breading we need the right temperature. If the oil temperature is low, our breading will be mushy and greasy. But if the oil temperature is too high, the breading ends up raw on the inside and burnt on the inside. So the perfect temperature for frying is between 325 and 375 degrees Fahrenheit (180º Celsius). If we don’t have a thermometer, we can make a little test. We have to add a small piece of food into the oil, if it sizzles immediately, the oil temperature is right.

    Changing the heat

    In the rush, we usually cook on high heat, but when we have to add the food, we decide turn down the heat because we are afraid of hot oil can burn us. We must never do this, it is too dangerous and our food will be terrible.

    Mixing different foods inside the oil

    If we want to prepare a mix of deep fried foods, for example as a deep fried vegetables, we can add all the vegetables inside the same oil. But we can’t mix different foods, for example, as fried calamari and fried eggplant, because we will change the taste of both foods. Also, this is very important for people with celiac disease, because if we fry something with gluten, we will contaminate the oil and the next gluten-free food.

    Amount of oil

    If we use a small amount of oil, when we add the food, the oil temperature will drop. But we will the same result if we use a big amount, because it will take a lot of time to reach the right temperature. To get crunchy deep fried foods, virtue is the happy medium.

    Amount of deep fried food

    Although we want to finish as soon as possible to eating our deep fried foods, we must be patient. We can’t add all the pieces of food at the same time, because they need enough space between them. So we have to fry in small batches. Also, always we have to add small pieces of food, if it needed we must cut food in small sizes, for example, we can make vegetables sticks or chicken nuggets.

    We hope that some of these tips will be useful to you. your deep fried foods will be tasty and super crispy with a professional result.